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Dependable 2-PLY Dunnage Bag Protection

Solid Dependable Bracing

Specifically designed for use in truck and container shipments the lightweight dependable 2 ply dunnage bag is manufactured with two plies of high strength kraft paper on the outer walls and a tough inner wall of polyethylene film. When inserted between load sections and inflated to a pressure of 1 to 3 PSI these lightweight bags provide a load stabilizing capability superior to other forms of bracing. Engineered to withstand thousands of pounds of force, these bags resist load shifting by compacting the lading and eliminating voids. Unlike wooden bracing which can loosen when lading compacts, air bags can expand providing constant pressure at all times.


Not only do 2 ply bags help reduce freight damage claims, they are also more economical to use than many other forms of bracing or dunnage. In most instances one person can easily install the 2 ply bag and stabilize the entire load in less than a minute.

Customer Acceptance

Your customer will also receive the benefits of your utilization of 2 ply bags. Upon receiving the load, the customer will simply puncture the bag and discard it. There are no nails to pull or wooden bracing to disassemble.

Proven Performance

For over two decades, 2 ply bags have been successfully used to stabilize a wide variety of loads which include such items as glass, processed poultry, canned products, appliances, crated products, bagged products, plumbing products, and many, many more.

Technical Assistance

Our personnel have a combined total of over 35 years experience in the air bag industry. We will gladly assist you and your personnel with the proper loading techniques and application of air bags.


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