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Four Easy Steps To A Totally Protected Cargo

Dunnage Systems is proud to offer a line of shipping and cargo protection products that can save you money.  Our completely disposable protection at a fraction of conventional methods. This product line offers a maintenance free cargo protection with an ease of use that simply saves you the time and money you may have wasted on outdated products in the past. As a "turn key" distributor we can also offer everything you need to set your operation on a cost effective track. We offer lightweight air compressors, convenient hose reels, and several styles of inflator tools make inflation a snap.

This man is placing the inflatable dunnage bag in between the cargo he is protecting from damage. 1. When deflated, a light weight bag is easy to position between load section. Make sure placement allows access to inflation valve. This woman is checking the inflation pressure of the inflatable dunnage bag. 3. Double check air pressure with snap - on combo inflator tool or air gauge. If pressure is over manufacturer’s guidelines, reduce pressure to recommended level. Load will remain set.
This man is filling the inflatable dunnage bag with air. 2. For proper inflation, fill bag till load is secured and space is completely filled. For your convenience we offer Model 1820 15 AMP 1 ˝ hp air compressor and hose reels. This woman is removing an inflatable dunnage bag after the product has been shipped to its destination. 4. To remove after shipment relieve excess pressure by depressing the valve stem for at least 10 seconds then simply puncture at arm’s length, remove and discard.


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