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1.            Q.        What are dunnage bags?

A.        They are paper bags, constructed of 2, 4, 6, or 8 plys of paper with a polyethylene bladder used to restrain loads in rail cars or trucks.

2.            Q.        Why use air dunnage bags vs. other materials?

A.        Dunnage bags are less expensive than other materials such as lumber, nails and also reduce labor cost.

3.            Q.        What size and ply bags does Dunnage Systems have available?

                A.        See Dunnage Systems Products


4.            Q.        What is the actual size of the dunnage bags before inflation?

                A.       Series               Actual Width

24                    24 Inches/62 cm

30                    30 Inches/77 cm

36                    36 Inches/92 cm

48                    46.5 Inches/119 cm

60                    57.5 Inches/147 cm

72                    69.5 Inches/178 cm


5.            Q.        What is the maximum diameter of the dunnage bags fully inflated?

A.        Series           Maximum Diameter Fully Inflated

24                    15.3 Inches/39 cm

30                    19.1 Inches/49 cm

36                    22.9 Inches/59 cm

48                    29.6 Inches/76 cm

60                    36.6 Inches/94 cm

72                    44.9 Inches/115 cm


6.            Q.        What type of dunnage bag is recommended for truck shipments?

A.        2ply bags.


7.            Q.        What type of dunnage bags is most commonly used for container shipments?

A.        4 ply

8.            Q.        What type of dunnage bag is most commonly used for rail shipments?

A.        4 ply, 6 ply, or 8 ply

 9.            Q.        How many lbs/kg can a dunnage bag restrain?

A.           2 ply - 40,000 LBS/18,182 kg

4 ply - 60,000 LBS/27,273 kg

6 ply - 100,000 LBS/45,455 kg

8 ply - 120,000 LBS/54,545 kg

 10.           Q.        Are there any published specifications for dunnage bags?

  A.        The Association of American Railroads has published recommended specifications.

 11.           Q.        How do I determine what size dunnage bag to use?

  A.          1. Measure void between cargo.

2. Measure distance from floor to the top of load.

 12.           Q.        What is the maximum void recommended for dunnage bags?

   A.        24/62 cm width----8/21 cm void

30/77 cm width---10/26 cm void

36/92 cm width---12/31 cm void

48/92 cm width---15138 cm void

60/154 cm width--20/51 cm void

72/185 cm width--24/62 cm void


13.       Q.        What can be done to utilize dunnage bags if void exceeds maximum recommended void?

              A .        Reduce void with old pallets, corrugated, or some type of void filler.


14.       Q.        Do dunnage bags require any type protection?

             A.        It is very important to place corrugated, or some type of smooth surface on either side of the dunnage bag to protect from rough edges. (wooden crates, pallets, etc.)

 15.       Q.        What type of equipment is necessary to inflate dunnage bags?

               A.            1. Compressed air

2. Inflator tool

3. Air gauge

 16.       Q.        What type of inflator equipment does Dunnage Systems have available?

               A.            1. Quick Fill Snap-on Inflator Tool

2. Quick Fill Combination Inflator Tool

3. Rapid Fill Inflator Tool

4. Air Compressor

5. Hose and Reel

 17.       Q.        Can dunnage bags be damaged during filling?

               A.        Bags can be cold burned and can be burst with over inflation.  (Each bag has a label with recommended pressure.  If inflation check list is followed, it will eliminate these problems.

 18.       Q.        Does Dunnage Systems have printed material available?

               A.        We have brochures on bags and inflator tools available.

 19.       Q.        Why use our inflatable dunnage bags vs. our competitors?

              A .     1.   Ours was the first dunnage bag and has been improved for years.

                        2.   Top quality materials are used in the bags and and every 12th bag is physically tested (8%).

                        3.   Integrated company producing everything that goes in their bag except the valve.

 20.       Q.        Does Dunnage Systems sell a reusable bag?

A.        Yes, however, our concern in selling a reusable bag is as follows:

1.  We do not have any control over how a bag is used; therefore, we can not guarantee how many times it can be used.

2.  The bags have a significant upcharge. Most customers do not have enough control to get the bag back, thus they pay for a bag to reuse that they do not get to reuse. Many times bags are punctured to release the air and thrown away. However, we have added an additional label to try to eliminate this problem.


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