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SuperFlow is the first paper air bag system available on the market to include:
  • Consistency of Air Pressure
  • Elimination of Over-Inflation
  • Fast Inflation & Deflation
  • Reusability


Valve: Features and Benefits
  • Large diameter of the valve allows a very fast inflation. A 48” x 48” air bags is inflated in 8 seconds
  • The patented valve design allow the blue flapper to be manually depressed and locked open for fast deflation
  • Partial deflation of the bag is possible for repositioning by pushing the blue flapper

Rapid Deflation:  By pushing the blue flapper operators can quickly deflate the bag in few seconds.  Competitor’s air bag have to be puncture for deflation


Inflator: Features and Benefits
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Securely interlocked with valve to prevent air loss during inflation
  • Robust
  • Maintenance free


How It Works:

The velocity of any given amount of compressed air is increased by forcing it through small pin holes in the insert. The increase in velocity cause a vacuum that pulls ambient air through the large
Diameter of the gun’s rear, greatly increasing the air bag inflation

36” x 84” SuperFlow air bag inflated in only 20 seconds compared to 40 seconds for a standard air bag.


Consistent Air Pressure:

By setting the desired pressure on the air line regulator, you can achieve consistent inflation. Eliminating the risk of over inflated or under-inflated air bag.

Once the desired level of air pressure has been achieved, the SuperFlow inflator ceases to inflate the air bag. This reverses the air flow and redirects it out through the back of the inflator. This also indicates to the operator that the bag is properly inflated, preventing over-inflation


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